May 112010

So when I first hard this song I was thinking it was the 2010 version of “Baby it’s Cold Outside” trying different things to get a girl to stay the night…

But after seeing the video I have no idea what it’s about… but I still like the beat….

Check out the video here:

And if you like you can download it free from here:

Shoes by Tiga on RCRD LBL

Let me know what you think…

Apr 282010

Been working hard to rebuild the website to make it a little more user friendly.

Still have the calendar of events as well as all the photo’s from the past and should be addin to it as we go.

Still have lots of tweaks and cleanup to do and will be making modification as I can

To start thins off I’ll include a fun song I got to see live a few months back ut still love it…

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Rusko Remix)