Aug 212010

I so wanted to go but with my crazy hectic work schedule and a new born at home I was not able to go. Imagine how pissed I would have been to have somehow figured out a way to use one of my precious free nights to goto this show…

I’m not one to just put off a musician deciding to jump into the world of DJ’ing  because I’m always curious to what one of my favorite bands members would choose to play for me, but I assume that they would actual DJ as opposed to what I have heard clumsily just play tracks… dunno I wasn’t there and thankful for that… but more importantly I received an email from Tree’s this morning apologizing for the disaster so one good thing to come of it is the fact that Tree’s seemed to step up and do the right thing….

So with my rant done I leave you with Brain Wallace’s letter…..

Bela Lugosi’s Dead

My sincerest apologies to those of you I implored to attend the Daniel Ash “show” last night at the reincarnated Trees in Deep Ellum. Billed as the headliner of a night of live music with several intriguing acts on the list, one could expect somethin’ truly special from Daniel Ash, right? Bauhaus was seminal. Love and Rockets rocked the world. Ash’s solo work is engaging and entertaining. High hopes!

WRONG expectations. Things looked bleak when, after first hearing that punk icon Viv Albertine would not be appearing, I bumped into one of the sound guys, a personal friend of mine, who somberly hinted that Ash was serving up not a night of live rock n roll, but actually was simply going to play discs…WHAT? High school dance, anyone? I had re-arranged my schedule, and had passed on other shows, to see Daniel Ash perform music.

To even remotely refer to what actually transpired as “DJ’ing” would be a disgrace to all those exceptional DJ’s who actually excel at what they do, and have spent years getting really good at it: spinning creative sounds and making things electrifying. Why someone of Ash’s pedigree – with a vast and exciting repertoire of cutting edge and lasting alt-rock prowess and output – would come all the way to Dallas, after many years of absence, to deliver a half-hearted wannabe DJ set, is truly baffling. To avoid advertising the event as DJ’ing, and play it off as an actual live show, is absurdly rude and frankly inconceivable. WE WERE DUPED. Even the staff of Trees seemed genuinely stunned! Everyone was expecting a live rock show. What happened here? It’s hard to entirely try to blame some promoter for false advertising when Ash could have read the websites of entities such as Dallas Observer in advance to see how this thing was advertised. Ash could have made an adaptation to satisfy the audience. It’s as if he didn’t care.

In a year with so many great live shows, how disappointing to be hoodwinked in such a painful manner. Imagine Peter Murphy coming to town and charging concert prices to sit on the stage and perform needlepoint for the audience. Sorry, but I’ve got better things to do. We’ve been listening to you goth guys for so many decades and have spent so much money on your art. You were outsiders from the beginning, and we were determined to make you vital and relevant. If you make the effort to come to our town, consider actually performing music. What a novel concept…a rock star actually performing rock. What has the world come to?

Kudos to the cordial, and attractive, owner of Trees – who graciously provided my (and my forgiving date’s) refund.

Dallas deserves better than this.

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